Olive oil cultivation and consumption are deeply rooted in our ancestral heritage dating back to the B.C. civilization of Phoenicia. In fact, some of the oldest olive trees in existence commonly known as “The Olive Trees of Noah” bear ground in Lebanon and are dated at about 6,000 years old! Our legacy began in the 1870s when our great-grandfather, George, bought a small plot of land with intention of starting his own olive oil business after working years as a tradesman in the industry. George was a shrewd and classy gentleman, a perfectionist at heart and would never settle. He embodied a meticulous character, striking down the tiniest of imperfections. His passion for olive oil was well-known,George was famous for having an olive oil room in his house. Word in the family has it that he had over 200 different extra virgin olive oil blends in there! When our great-grandfather started the business he had one goal in mind and that was to produce the highest quality extra-virgin olive oil that boasted flavor and texture synonymous with his personal favorite olive varieties.150 years later, we still stand today squeezing out the same extra-virgin olive oil blend crafted by George.

Abraham Harmouche, 6th generation grower.

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